High-end custom instruments that will fit your unique style. 


Most guitar players agree that tone is the most important aspect of any guitar. This means that the absolute priority is building an instrument that produces a beautiful sound.


Every guitar player has their own preferences for how a guitar should feel in their hands. I always take this into consideration, along with all aspects of playability.


Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful guitar? I will build you a guitar that is unique, pleasing to the eye, and which perfectly fits your style.

Crafted in Slovenia

All Magic Attic Art guitars are handcrafted by me. I start by selecting the highest quality wood and that same eye for quality keeps on going, right up to the finishing touches and the fine-tuning. I focus 100% of my attention on every detail.

Winner of The Great Guitar Build Off 2021

I’ve been competing in GGBO for two years in a row. I finished in 3rd place in 2020 and, 1st place in 2021 and in 2th place in 2022! You can find the building videos on my YouTube channel.

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