• Body thickness

Most of my guitars are 3.5-4 cm thick. I like to make them thin, but it depends on the bridge choice (tremolo bridges requires more depth).

  • Nut width

Standard nut width on Magic Attic Guitars Is 43 mm for 6 strings and 48 for 7 string guitars.

I can make it different on request.

  • Neck joint

I use set necks on all my builds. It means that the neck is glued to the body. Set necks transfer the vibrations better than bolt on necks.

  • Finish

I use acrylic lacquer or Danish oil to finish my guitars. I use a high-quality acrylic lacquer that is very durable and, because of a thin layer application, still lets the wood breathe. If you want a more natural finished product, Danish oil is a good option.

I do not make thick high gloss finishes. (For my explanation of why I do not, see the Things I Don’t Do section on this website).

  • Neck profile

There are C and D style neck profiles that you can choose from in my standard offer.

Thickness of the neck is 19 mm at the first fret and 21 mm at the 12th fret.

This is standard on my guitars, but I can make it to fit your needs on request.

  • Wood

The choice of wood is an important factor of a guitar build. It affects the strength and stability of an instrument, and it can add some character to the tone.

I only use wood that has been properly dried so I know it will be stable for a long time. Combining different pieces of wood in a certain grain direction also increases stability, so I only make laminated necks.

Things I don’t do:

I don’t make copies of existing designs. If you order a custom shape, it must be a unique design.

I normally don’t do bolt-on and neck-through. However, I might consider making an exception if there’s a good reason behind it.

I can’t make you a guitar for free. I would love to live in a world where I could build guitars for free and not care about surviving, but this is not the case.

I don’t do thick high gloss lacquer finishes. There are three reasons: First, it is not ideal for wood to be completely sealed. Wood is a living material, and it needs to breathe. Second, I don’t like the grippy feel of thick lacquer finishes. And third, I don’t like to make a beautiful piece of wood look like it’s made of plastic.

I do not use any cheap components and materials, and you cannot send me your own components. I only use new high-quality components that I get from official suppliers with a warranty. (The only exception I might make is a body top. If you have an interesting piece that you would like to have as a top for your guitar, I might be willing to use it, if it is thoroughly dry).