This is more a traditional looking guitar, perhaps with a more universal appeal. You might say it’s an L.P. style guitar, but in construction, Freya is quite different. It is designed to be equipped with a hardtail, tremolo or locking-trem bridge. This design also permits the use of a single saddle bridge for multiscale.

The belly on the body is more settled, with a consistent curve without straightening at the edges. This means that the body edge is less sharp and thus more comfortable on your arm.

The edge on the back is chamfered and it has a slight belly cut. The overall construction is designed to be very comfortable to play. Freya is a familiar-looking guitar with improved tuning stability.

You can also choose either a 6 or 7 string version of the Freya guitar model.

My signature magnetic covers for the control cavity, with no visible access (but still easy to open), come as standard on this model.

Other standard features of the Arwen guitar model include: its iconic shape, two humbuckers, 24 frets with blind fret slots, a double action truss rod 43 mm nut width, 1 tone, 1 volume and 3 way toggle switch and a set neck with a comfortable transition.

Most of these things (except the shape and set neck) can be modified on request. Just specify your wishes at the end of the order form.

If you wish to have something really special, I can add custom inlays, carvings or some special wood combination. Anything that will fit your style.

You can order your own unique Freya guitar on the button below.